*The position is not open yet, we will start active recruitment in the first week of April 2017. But you can send your resume to: jobs@alexanderslodge.com and mention the context of how you came to know about the opening.


The restaurant is attached to the lodge. The business is very seasonal, peaks in summer and slows down in winter. The busiest months are May to Mid-October. This job can be year round job for a cook who can also do handyman stuff during the slow season (this is preferred, so you have stable job and we have reliable staff). Otherwise the seasonal need is between May and Mid-October. Even in summer, non-sunny days can become very slow days.

Does living rural, mountains appeal to you? Do you long for getting away for stressful environment? Our staff says this is the calmest, pleasant business they have ever worked – does that appeal to you? Want to save all that you make?


  • Possess cooking skills and actually enjoy cooking
  • Relevant industry experience
  • Reliability – show up to work on schedule
  • Punctuality – be on time
  • Follow the directions and instructions of the business owner and other staff
  • Efficient and clean
  • Open and honest
  • Drug and alcohol free
  • OK with full background check
  • Adapt to changing business needs

Job Duties

  • Prepare delicious dishes
  • Ability to create, modify dishes on the menu
  • Manage inventory and order using US Foods website
  • Training new staff members
  • During slow days, dish washing
  • During slow days, prep work
  • Any and all duties of kitchen
  • Duties not limited¬† to the above list and can change based on business needs
  • Tend to¬† occasional requests from the hotel guests late night
  • Tend to late check-ins or late night walk-ins for the hotel
  • During slow season, the job duties are anything the business needs

Pay & Benefits

  • Room and Food included
  • All utilities included
  • $13 per hour
  • TV with Dish network and DVD player
  • Internet
  • Working over time is not allowed
  • Expected to work 40 hours a week

Room Info

The room is shared with another person. There are two beds, one TV and a mini-kitchen, attached bath in the room. The room is situated with-in the lodge and has a flight of stairs to climb. Dogs and cats not OK.

How to Apply

Please send your resume to jobs@alexanderslodge.com.

The needs of our busy season are not fully clear yet. We will start the actual resume processing part in early April.