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Things you should know before booking

Rooms: Every room is different. If you are making reservation on online travel agencies (, Expedia, etc..), please read. Lowered priced rooms are usually small. Our most critical reviews come from people who didn’t read the title and description on online travel agencies such as Expedia,, Trip Advisor, etc.

Pricing: Being a seasonal business, the summer prices are competitive in the area. If you are price sensitive, winter is a better time.  Cross shopping is a good way to realize the value of the price you pay.

Building: This hotel is all about unique experience. It is a classic building with individual unique rooms. If you like motel type rooms, this is not the place.

Grounds: Unlike other accommodations in the area, we have grounds to stroll, a small trail on the property, a pond to relax by.  The outside of the property adds to the experience as well.


Address: 37515 WA-706, Ashford, WA 98304

Phone: (360) 569-2300


Things To Do Around Here

We compiled a list of things to do and easy hikes that span from 20 minutes to 4 hours. Follow the links below:

Things to do around Alexander’s and Mt. Rainier area

Easy hikes around Mt. Rainier area under four hours

Weather (Units in Fahrenheit) – More Details

09/25 0%
A good deal of sunshine. High 72F. Winds light and variable.
High 72° / Low 50°
09/26 0%
Abundant sunshine. High near 75F. Winds light and variable.
High 75° / Low 51°
09/27 0%
Sunny skies. High 78F. Winds light and variable.
High 78° / Low 50°
09/28 0%
A mainly sunny sky. High 78F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.
High 78° / Low 49°
Partly Cloudy
09/29 10%
Partly Cloudy
Partly cloudy skies. High 73F. Winds light and variable.
High 73° / Low 49°


Gallery of Grounds and Building

Gallery of Rooms and Breakfast