We would like to offer an insight into how this lodge came to be. Hopefully the quirks of it’s architecture offer you a unique experience that is memorable. While we add as many modern amenities as possible, we strive to keep it’s character intact.

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Alexander’s Lodge Timeline

Alexander’s Lodge is a historic landmark and is registered in the Washington’s historic registry. The following is some information about the history of this place.

1899. Alexander’s Mesler arrives in Ashford, WA with his family and homesteads a 160-acre parcel.

1912. Alexander Mesler, Jr. constructs a 10,000 sq ft building and opens it as a roadhouse, catering to the

tourists coming to see the newly established Mount Rainier National Park. Alexander Jr. siblings take on many of

the responsibilities of running the inn.

1917. The US is involved in WW1and Alexander’s Jr. is killed in a work-related accident at Tacoma’s Todd


The Great Depression Years. The Mesler women continue to live and work the family property. Bessie Mesler

advertised Melser’s Inn: A room for $12. a week or $2.50 per day.

1940. Harry Pappajohn purchases the Mesler property (40-acres, the hotel and two houses–since torn down)

for $2,000. back taxes. Pappajohn continues to work as a cook at Paradise Inn, Mount Rainier.

1941. Harry Pappajohn marries Mabel Streinbrink.

1942. Mabel moves into the inn. Harry lives at Paradise from May to October.

1956. Harry and Mabel remodel the inn, making room for a public dining room. They open Pappajohn’s

Restaurant. The menu features NY Steak, $2.35, Grilled Pork Chop, $1.75, Hamburger, 35 cents, Coffee for 10

cents and a slice of Berry Pie for 20 cents.

In the following years, Harry continues to cook at Paradise while Mabel runs Pappajohn’s Restaurant.

1962. Harry Pappajohn passes away.

1971. Mabel sells the inn and restaurant to Gene Morford.

1973. Jerry Harnish buys the inn and surrounding 20 acres. Operates the restaurant. the second and third floor

are in disrepair. Jerry builds the first waterwheel. Renames the property, “Alexander’s Manor.”

1984. Jerry and his wife, Bernadette, undertake an extensive remodeling project, creating 12 hotel rooms and a

parlor. The fireplace and chimney are replaced and antique stained-glass windows are installed. The entry way is

enlarged to accommodate a gift shop. A waterwheel is built to replace the original waterwheel. Start full

breakfast service for overnight guests.

Re-open the hotel as Alexander’s Country Inn.

1994. Two homes on the adjacent property are purchased and opened as Alexander’s vacation rentals, the Forest House and The Chalet

1995. More bathrooms are added–so all guest rooms have a private bath..

2007. Alexander’s becomes a wedding destination venue.